Saturday, October 1, 2011

Billboard Hot 100 Summary: Wins and Fails- 10/08/2011

It's been a relatively slow week this week, with most of the top 10 remaining stagnant. Let's get right into it:


#2 Adele- Someone Like You

Yes, the song has already peaked and has spent the past few weeks at this very position. However, the piano-driven ballad soars 9-2 on the usually stagnant Radio Songs chart, while holding firmly at #1 currently on iTunes. Adele continues to break every single rule in the Pop Music 2011 instruction guide as it seems the song will continue into a lengthy chart run at #1 after this week. As the major labels and big players contin ue to unravel their big guns for the holiday shopping season, I don't expect the song to pass "Rolling in the Deep"'s 7-week stint. But again, you never know. As I found on another website, "Someone Like You" is the first ever piano and vocal only song to ever hit #1 in Rock & Roll history. 2011 is the year of Adele.

#10 LFMAO- Sexy and I Know It

It took this song 4 weeks to get into the top 10. A second single from an established duo's sophomore "album" goes top 10 in less than a month- even more notable in the fact that the song has been available for download since the album came out this summer. Even more notable and puzzling is the fact that the song has no redeeming quality, no memorable hook- not even a memorable BASSLINE! Seriously, I guess stupidly self-empowering chorus and the Lonely-Island esque "I Work Out!" line is enough to push the greek kids and coke abusers over the edge. I get that they are coming off the biggest song of the year with "Party Rock Anthem", but when we look back in 20 years-(like Starship, Milli Vanilli, and Jessica Simpson before them)- we will all question why the hell we were listening to this in the first place. OK, I'll stop hating. Congrats LMFAO. But your 15 minutes are ticking.

#42 New Boyz f/Chris Brown- Better With the Lights Off

The California teen hip-hop duo New Boyz scored their first hit by capitalizing on a popular west coast dance movement, "jerking", (I kid you not) with 2009's "You're a Jerk", similar to Cali Swag District's 2010 hit "Teach me How to Dougie". They were able to somehow continue their success with a B-R&B song with B-list R&B star Ray J, "Tie Me Down", at the very least erasing any one-hit wonder labels. Like their first single, their second album's singles have been a blatant attempt to exploit current pop trends. While, the first single, "Break my Bank" w/ Iyaz didn't catch on, the Cataracs-(Like a G6) produced-"Backseat", complete with a cameo from Dev, scraped the top 40 earlier this year. Now it looks as if the third single, with help from Chris Brown, will break the top 40. I don't see the song keeping the momentum into the top 20, as it's very Pop&B by numbers, but these guys have a pretty big urban teen folowing- so I'm not counting anything out.


#16 Rihanna f/Calvin Harris- We Found Love

It looks like it's a bit too much too soon, as people seem to be suffering from Rihanna fatigue. Let's take a look at where her past lead singles have vaulted to the week they became available:

A Girl Like Me- S.O.S.- #1
Good Girl Gone Bad- Umbrella- #1
Rated R- Russian Roulette- #9
Loud- Only Girl (In the World)- #3

Given, with the exception of last year's "Only Girl", the previous three had a few weeks to gain exposure at radio- I'll give you that. But also given the fact that a new Rihanna lead single is usually all but guarenteed a top 10 debut, this matches Kelly Clarkson's "Mr. Know it All" debut 3 weeks ago, which has since almost fallen out of the top 40. I don't expect that to happen with this song, as it's so blatantly club driven that the Europop producer of the song is listed on the feature. It's not a bad song- a typical fist-pumping club beat with a simple, repetitive chorus. Rihanna will still sell tons of records and continue to be one of the biggest forces in pop music- I just think that the song would have been a bit more successful if Def Jam hadn't rushed into this project. It's proven that people will buy and support the Rihanna brand no matter what time of year.

#33 Colplay- Paradise

I really don't mean to hate on Coldplay so much. Their first 2 albums were fantastic before they went the stadium rock route- but who can blame them? Either way, it's looking less and less evident that Coldplay will get any support from Top 40 radio for their forthcoming album, and is proving that "Viva La Vida" was the exception and not the rule. The release date for "Mylo Xyloto" nears in about 3 weeks, Capitol must be worried. As the first single, "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" was serviced to top 40 and didn't gain traction, I don't see any difference with "Paradise", as both songs share a similar aesthetic. It's a pleasant, introspective, typical Coldplay- and it could do quite well if the timing is right. But if I had to make a bet as to if this would ever get KIIS 102.7 exposure, I wouldn't take it.

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