Sunday, October 9, 2011

Billboard Hot 100 Summary: Wins and Fails- 10/15/2011


#7 B.O.B. f/ Lil Wayne- Strange Clouds

I'm slightly taken aback that B.O.B.'s new song could have that much of a stronger chart showing than Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson's new digital singles, but I guess we shouldn't underestimate the power of Weezy talking about weed. B.o.B. is one of those artists that is continually the least interesting part of his songs- his guest features (Bruno Mars, Hayley Williams, Rivers Cuomo) have continually outshined his bland, been-there-before verses, but apparently the public was hungry for a B.o.B. comeback. It's catchy enough and will gain some traction on rhythmic stations, but I do feel that #7 will be the song's peak. I see the song performing similarly to last year's "Right Above It" with Weezy and Drake, debuting strongly at #6, with significant gains in airplay over the next few months, though the tapering of the digital sales will keep the song hovering around the lower rungs of the top 20 for awhile.

#26 Alexandra Stan- Mr. Saxobeat

As I've already heard the song about 1,000 times on LA radio, it looks like it's gaining traction everywhere in America. Capitalizing on two new fads- european dj meets pop radio and the resurgence of the saxophone, (see "Edge of Glory", "T.G.I.F. (Last Friday Night)" and "In The Dark") the song that 2 years ago would have only been successful across the pond is now a legitimate force to be reckoned with. As there doesn't seem to be much of an identity behind Alexandra Stan, as the voice seems quite interchangeable, I expect her to be a one hit wonder.

#35 Jay-Z & Kanye West- Ni**as in Paris

I'm still waiting to see how a live DJ refers to the unadulterated title- it's already entertaining enough to see how they alter the last part of the song when the beat breaks. As true 100% hip-hop becomes more scarce at top 40, leave it to the kings of the genre to keep servicing quality hip-hop to the masses. It's their second top 40 from "Watch the Throne", as "Otis" barely missed the top 10 on the back of digital sales. Oh, much props to Jay-Z for finally exposing the term "cray" to the masses.

#62 T-Pain f/ Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa- 5 O'Clock

T-Pain has had an awfully rough time trying to gain traction for his new album. This seems like the 100th single released- lets see... Take Your Shirt Off, Reverse Cowgirl, Rap Song, Best Love Song, and Booty Wurk. It looks like the troubles aren't over, as just a few days ago- Jive Records dissolved into its parent record label, RCA. So who knows if we'll ever get his forthcoming studio album (almost 2 years delayed) "rEVOLVEr", but really- are there that many hardcore T-Pain fans out there? The actual song "5 O'Clock" borrows from a Lily Allen single from the UK- and the end result really isn't bad at all- but as I thought "Booty Wurk" was a surefire smash- I'm not really sure what audience reaction to expect from T-Pain's singles anymore.

#81 Lloyd f/ Andre 3000- Dedication to my Ex (Miss That)

One of my favorite singles of the year, a quasi-sequel to Cee-lo's "Fuck You!", has finally made its debut on the Hot 100. It's been getting airplay in LA for a few months now, but it seems that it's struggling to gain traction at R&B radio as it seems to have stalled just outside of the top 40 on that chart for now. The radio edit takes away a bit of the song's novelty and edge, but it's still a great, classic sounding tune with an all too rare and underappreciated Andre 3000 guest spot.


#12 Lady Gaga- You & I

OK, so it's not really a "fail" per se- but we now know for a fact that "You & I" has reached its final peak at #6 on the charts. I had a few fabricated high hopes for this song- after all, the sound has massive appeal for middle America, and the general public seems to be starved for something other than the four-on-the-floor music Gaga ironically helped usher in. Don't get me wrong- the song had a successful chart run- but the song's chart performance lets us know that the song isn't exactly going to be a career defining song for her.

#48 Nickelback- When We Stand Together

Any new Nickelback chart debut is a fail for America. Especially with such a calculated, glossed over song, and such a lousy, pandering song title like this. I mean, these Canadians have been exploiting the wallets of the red states for a good while- why don't we go ahead and get a Rick Perry feature on here? Peaking with 2005's "All the Right Reasons", Nickelback has diminished with the coinciding depletion of top 40 rock music from the airwaves. At least they're one of the many casualties I'm thankful for.

#72 Iyaz f/ Travie McCoy- Pretty Girls

I wrote a few weeks back about this single being the one to anchor the all-important sophomore album, but it looks like this one's a no-go. After tumbling from 51-72 this week on the Hot 100, it looks as if initial audience reaction is tepid. Iyaz doesn't have a very distinguishable voice, and will need another gimmick or stronger guest feature to land a hit worthy of the sophomore album.

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