Saturday, September 17, 2011

Billboard Hot 100 Chart Analysis- Wins and Fails- 9/24/2011

I apologize for the delay- I flew home yesterday so lots of packing and travel!\


#10 Rihanna- Cheers (Drink to That)

One of the more obvious wins of the week comes from Rihanna, whom has now collected her 4th top 10 off of "Loud", and her 19th top 10 single overall. The song inched up to #10 after a few weeks at #11, so I really don't think the song has the momentum for #1 as iTunes sales seem to have plateaued. With a new album already on the horizon for this fall, she'll most likely create lots more chart ink before years end. Hell, she's one of the very few sure things in top 40 today, why not milk it for all its worth?

#46 Iyaz f/ Travie McCoy- Pretty Girls

Looks like former potential one-hit-wonder Iyaz (of "Replay" fame a few years ago) is gaining traction and has a good shot at cracking top 40 when the charts refresh next week. For a guy with such an undistinct voice that caught lightning in a bottle in 2009, this guy better be glad it's happening again. The followup to "Replay", "Solo", didn't fare well in the US and subsequent attempt "So Big" last summer went absolutely nowhere. This guy has all the right people behind him, but without some kind of distinction he's gonna have to fight for his top 40 hits A-list guest features. (I don't consider McCoy A-list by any means, but he's getting there)

#50 LMFAO- Sexy and I Know It

Well, here we go again. LMFAO now not only has the #1 single of the year in "Party Rock Anthem", but has captured the cultural zeitgest of 2011 radio. Smash after smash this year has been a hodgepodge of hip hop, house, pop, getting drunk, one night stands, and partying. This new single is strikingly similar- the aforementioned subjects over a thumping club beat, but lacks a memorable chorus. They'll ride the momentum of "Party Rock Anthem" into the top 10 with this one, but definitely wouldn't be a smash without the former.

#81. Wiz Khalifa- No Sleep

An obvious choice for 4th single (3rd promoted to top 40) off of "Rolling Papers", this song is going to be huge. When released, it immediately shot to #1 on the iTunes charts back in early March, and subsequently dropped in the following weeks while Atlantic promoted other singles. Instantly catchy and covering popular subject matter, (drinking and getting high, what else would he rap about?) this will be one to watch. I'm very curious to see if the song has the momentum to best its original peak of #6 on the Hot 100.


(ME for dismissing Big Sean's "Marvin and Chardonnay" last week after it dipped, as it jumps back from #49-#42 this week)


#97 Pistol Annies- Hell on Heels

I'm kind of puzzled by this one. I don't mention country acts a lot on this blog, A) because it doesn't really appeal to me and B) the songs contain the most boring, predictable chart runs of any genre outside of Adult Contemporary. Once you're "in" at country radio, you can pretty much guarentee you're gonna have a few more hits. Perennials like George Strait can release practically anything and go top 10, and Carrie Underwood is always an automatic shoe-in for #1 on the country charts. So why is mainstream country music's brightest and best star, (sorry, there's no room for debate, I won't be having it) Miranda Lambert, having trouble with her supergroup side project's lead single? The album debuted high on the charts, had lots of hype surrounding it, yet the single only managed to peak at #55 on the Hot 100 when hit country songs typically peak in the #25-#40 range. Is it because Miranda Lambert subsequently released her own single around the same time, "Baggage Claim"? Did country radio just not warm up to it? It's nowhere to be found on the country charts- are there some stations too conservative to play a song with "hell" in the title? (hey- you never know with the bible belt)

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