Thursday, September 1, 2011

Billboard Hot 100 Summary: Wins and Fails- 09/10/2011

#1. Maroon 5 f/ Christina Aguilera- Moves Like Jagger

In a nice little surprise for this week, Maroon 5 have captured just the right amount of airplay and digital sails to rocket their hit to #1. As the song is currently out of the top 10 on iTunes and bullets to a #11 position on the airplay chart- it seems like the sheer coincidence of sales and airplay coinciding more than any other single this week propelled it to #1. Just to note- there are many other songs with a stronger combination of the two that haven't reached #1- the spot was simply vacant this week as two of summer's dominant aging titles ("Last Friday Night" and "Party Rock Anthem") have finally started to show some wear and tear. Nevertheless, I'm happy for Maroon 5 to accomplish their second #1 hit. Like I've said previously, Adam Levine's decision to judge on "The Voice" was the best career decision the band has made since signing for Clive Davis.

#10. Gym Class Heroes f/ Adam Levine- Stereo Hearts

At this time last year, Maroon 5's "Misery" was struggling to gain mere top 20 status on the charts as the lead single for their heavily anticipated, underperforming album "Hands All Over". Now, not only does Maroon 5 occupy the coveted #1 position on the chart, but on the back of digital sales, his featured chorus for a band I had already dismissed, Gym Class Heroes, has become a solid hit. To give a history- Gym Class Heroes had a hit a few years ago with the miserable hit "Cupid's Chokehold" with Fallout Boy's Patrick Stump. They released another album that completely tanked. Then, Travie McCoy, the lead singer/rapper/whatever- released a solo album with Bruno Mars on the chorus and of course became a huge hit with wanting to become a "millionaire so freaking bad". Following that unfortunate success, they have scored another hit on the back of another of-the-moment pop star singing the hook. Why can't these bands just die?!

#19. Adele- Someone Like You

I've already addressed my opinion on this song in my previous blog, but the fact that a piano driven ballad has not only hit top 20 but is #1 at iTunes is a really big deal. Please let this become a trend. Thank God for whomever broke Adele's little heart into pieces, because it's currently serving us the freshest top 40 music we can get.

#79. Wiz Khalifa- No Sleep

Riding off of the "Black and Yellow" fame, this song debuted strongly at #6 on the charts due to digital sales before rapidly descending the charts due to lack of label promotion for the single. Now that they are promoting this as the 4th official single from the album, it should start to take off from here. Like all of Wiz Khalifa's songs, it's about drinking, getting high, and partying- which fits in perfectly with radio's current sentiment. I don't think the song has reached it's peak- the song is immediately addictive, should perform very well, and will probably achieve a new peak position with its promotion to radio.


#73. Jason DeRulo- It Girl

I havent' even heard this song yet to be quite honest with you, but Jason DeRulo to me is so irrelevant that I frankly don't care. I dismissed him as a one hit wonder when his blatant Imogen Heap sampled "Whatcha Say" hit #1, but he rode the wave to two additional US top 10's. The first single before his sophomore album, "Don't Wanna Go Home", was a moderate hit peaking just outside of the top 10. His latest desparate attempt at a huge hit barely scraped the top 40 and is now on its way down into oblivion. It's a snoozy mid-tempo acoustic guitar driven shot at a hit- and belive me- he really tries. Jason DeRulo is pretty much as bland of a pop star as they come, and I'm glad his demise and the void he creates will make room for more interesting freshman acts.

#99. Tinie Tempah f/ Wiz Khalifa- Till I'm Gone

Tinie Tempah is a UK rap artist (the first I might add to break the US mainstream) that recently scored a decent sized hit with "Written in the Stars". Though it's one of those songs where the chorus outshines the verses so much that the artist rapping could be interchangeable, Tinie Tempah has scored hit after hit overseas. It looks as if he's losing traction, as his sophomore US single release "Till I'm Gone" barely scraped the bottom of the Hot 100, peaking at #90. Again- looks like you need to have a distinct voice and personality (or legacy) to make it on today's charts, (Pitbull not included) and it's certain now that "Written in the Stars" was a fluke hit due to the catchy chorus.

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