Friday, August 12, 2011

8/13/2011- Yeasayer- I Remember (2010)

Yeasayer is what I call the ultimate consensus band. Whenever I'm in a car with people, at a party, hell- whenever an acquaintance asks me to put something on, the first thing I turn to for immediate pleasure is Yeasayer's 2010 album Odd Blood. I see a lot of influence from Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillion- a releatively inaccessible band finding a balance between their trademark and pop hooks- to much success.

The song "I Remember" is a pathetically sweet love song that hits all emotional cores if applicable. The song is unabashedly indulgent with plenty of stadium rock percussion and arpeggios that don't usually belong to indie bands. The melody is extremely easy to follow and becomes a total earworm by the end of the song the first time you listen. If you have a special someone on your mind, prepare your heart to melt. ("You're stuck in my mind... all the time")

Who knows? Yeasayer has 4 absolutely killer singles from their breakthrough album "Odd Blood"... Highly recommended.

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