Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iTunes watch: 8/31/2011

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Work's been cray.

ANYWAY, so the VMA's perenially have a big effect on vaulting new singles from major artists into instant hits, and this year is no different. It looks like we have three obvious beneficiaries to this.

>1. Adele- Someone like You- This song was HUGE in the UK back in the springtime, but never thought I'd see the day when this song was at #1 on iTunes. In a time period where catalog titles are edited to take out slow parts, and songs like "No Hands" by Waka Flocka Flame and "Birthday Sex" get sped up, a piano ballad seems like a foreign concept. (the last ballad to hit #1? "Take a Bow" by Rhianna) Maybe this signals that top 40 radio is finally ready to come down from their cocaine-induced dance party?

>4. Lady Gaga- You and I- It's ironic that the same artist that ushered in the club years on top 40 radio is boldly breaking the mold again at radio with a midtempo Springsteen ballad. I honestly thought she'd benefit the most from the VMA's due to her large presence, but I'm happy that Adele might get another number 1. Another top 10 under Gaga's belt is well deserved.

>8. Beyonce- Love on Top- FINALLY A GOOD SINGLE FROM "4" IS BEING RELEASED! Seriously I can't gush enough about this song. It's 100% Michael Jackson/Whitney Houston head to toe. I thought "Party" or "Countdown" would be the next single as she shot music videos for both- but now I know why with the PREGNANCY!!! I always wonder what catalog titles will be played on the oldies station 30 years from now, and most stuff out right now is very current and probably won't hold up- look at the New Jack Swing genre from the early 90's- but these 3 will be played regularly 20 years from now.

OK, I've calmed down. Some other notables:

>5. Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars- Mirrors- Well, maybe "She Will" is more of a "She Won't" at this point. Of course any hook that Bruno Mars shits on right now becomes a hit, we'll see if this one sticks around.

>11. Lil Wayne- Blunt Blowin- Obviously this one won't. On any major release, the most explicit or funny song title will always get the most downloads out of sheer curiosity.

>32. Drake- Headlines- As this was #2 just 2 weeks ago, it's in the period where all the fans have bought it but hasn't had enough exposure at radio. It's a good enough song that it'll crawl back into the top 10.

>41. Nicki Minaj f/Rhianna- Fly- Ok, I love Nicki Minaj. I was bumping her "Beam Me Up Scotty" mixtape a year before anyone in the mainstream knew who she was. But seriously, her album "Pink Friday" is awful and panders to the masses. (I don't blame her though!) "Fly" makes me cringe. And it'll be a huge single due to the artist billings. Another mediocre Nicki Minaj song to hit top 40. Nicki, can you please release another mixtape? Pretty please?

>45. Red Hot Chili Peppers- The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggy- I immediately dismissed this one in one of my previous blog posts, but it seems to be gaining traction. There seems to be enough general goodwill toward the RHCP that it should be a durable enough single for the album release.

>51. Pitbull f/ Marc Anthony- Rain Over Me- The song has officially already reached its peak. SWWEEEEEEEEEEEET

>62. Tyler, the Creator- Yonkers- WHAAAAAT?! This might actually have a chance at some chart ink. I know this song is way to inaccessible for radio, but we can dream, right?

>81. Jessie J f/B.O.B.- Price Tag- I'm sorry honey- the trend is that current pop stars have distinct personalities to compliment their music, and you just don't have it. No matter how much cash the majors throw at the public on your behalf, you're not gonna make it. Sorry.

>114. Kanye West & Jay Z- Ni**as in Paris- Is there a more obvious choice for a second single? It's not even released and has been hovering around the iTunes charts since "Watch the Throne" was released. I don't find the song any better than the other tracks on the album, but hey- at least it popularizes the term "cray". My friends and I have been using the term "cray cray" for years.

>180. J.Cole- Work Out- Seriously. This guy graduated magna cum laude at St Johns, writes and produces all of his own music, and can't get a damn break. He has everything Drake has, (maybe the less distinctive voice is the problem) but has release single after single after single to no avail. "In the Morning" should have been a hit on the R&B charts. Why is there only room for one intelligent, relatable, extremely self aware artist in the mainstream?

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