Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/2011: Lloyd ft. Andre 3000- Dedication to my Ex (Miss That) (2011)

For my first song, instead of picking a classic- I'll pick one that's current, pretty much on the brink of becoming a major hit.

Lloyd has always been a second tier R&B star, scoring a few top 20 hits, most notably the song You with Lil Wayne. After his third album, Girls Around the World) he split with declining Murder Inc (responsible for Ja Rule and Ashanti) and signed with Interscope. I don't know how the hell he did it, but he secured one of the hottest hitmakers to produce his ENTIRE ALBUM. (a la Justin Timberlake with Timbaland, Usher with Jermaine Dupri, MF Doom with Madlib, MF Doom with Danger Mouse, you get the picture) Wikipedia Polow's resume- his mark on pop and r&b has been massive and undeniable. For the particular track "Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)", they obviously saw that "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo was a massive hit, seeing that retro soul mixed with obscene lyrics works in very special and unique instances.

The explicit part is that it references "pussy" over 30 times. (!!?) It's one of those songs tailor made for radio, as the G-rated version has switched the dirty word to "lovin." (as is the rest of the album) with glossy production and an instantly retro feel, circa 1960's with the rhythm and keys imparticular. I've always been a fan of Lloyd's voice- most notably for the uniqueness in a sea of undistinctive peers like Trey Songz. On first listen- immediately catchy. I knew the song was a hit the first time I heard it, and my intuition was confirmed when I heard it on AmpRadio 97.1 in LA last week, a full week before it was scheduled to be serviced to radio. The extremely selective Andre 3000 of Outkast provides a nice little 16 bars to accompany. Expect to be sick of this song in a few months.

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